During an interview at IGN with HTC Vive, people were mostly discussing which VR device would be best to buy. With this we can recommend all VR manufacturers to actively showcase their VR product more often and in a better fashion, but also to differentiate themselves from other VR products.

From most of our research we can tell that people aren’t shocked by the capabilities of VR. This means that whomever first comes with new options for VR gaming and shock its audience may create a lead for themselves. Thus, differentiate themselves.

In our trend analysis we can see that the Oculus Rift has some spikes. The spikes occurred between Jan 2014 – Jul 2014 and around Jan 2016. We believe these spikes occurred due to a VR congress in the UK named VR World Congress. Virtual Reality in general has a climbing trend, slow in the beginning but rising very quickly since August 2015. These spikes might occur but they also drop after a while, meaning, that there is room for improvement/differentiation.