Trends Analysis

Interest over time

The graph shows the popularity of keywords “Virtual reality” and “Oculus rift” only in the Netherlands from July 2013 until July 2016. As we can see, Virtual Reality hits it peaks on Google in April 2016; presumably this is because on the 12th of April 2016, there was a VR World Congress which located in Bristol UK. Also from this graph, it shows us that the trends of Virtual Reality, at least on the Google, are growing. Even though there are some moments of decline, but it is just a slightly declining. On the other hand, for the keywords Oculus Rift, the trend of it is rather unstable. The peak of the popularity of Oculus Rift was at March 2014. While at the same time Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook agreed to acquire Oculus for $2billion. After that, the popularity of Oculus rift seems to decreasing gradually until in January 2016, it hits its peak again. The reason behind this, is because on January 2016 Oculus announced on their official website that started from January 6, the pre-order for Oculus Rift VR is open with the price of $600.


Interest based on location

The next two graphs is showing the same category as the first graph, same period of time as well, but the popularity is based on the country. Surprisingly, from the seven countries with highest popularity on key words “Virtual reality”, the Netherlands is the number one. Furthermore, in the smaller scope of the EU, Netherlands is also number one before the United Kingdom in number 6 overall. However, for the key words “Oculus Rift”, the Netherlands is nowhere on the list. Oculus Rift seems to be so popular in the European countries as the graph shows us that 5 from the 7 countries in the list were from the EU, and the majority of them were Scandinavian countries. The conclusion we can get for these graphs is the Netherlands gaming community is more interested about the Virtual Reality technology rather than the brand of Oculus Rift.

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Other Online examples

The latest data from Greenlight VR, the VR market intelligence firm, suggests over $136M was raised by VR startups only on the month of November 2015. This is an example that shows the development of VR that rapidly increasing. This could be happened because the investors are seeing this industry as an exciting and young industry, where there is lots of room to play and compete. The study also indicates that the customer interest in VR technology is in line with the higher level of investment. Therefore, the interest and demand level is quite balance in the industry (Smith, 2015)