Since the launch in 2013 of the popular virtual reality device, the Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality has gotten more attention by the public, especially the gaming public. This study focuses on how the responses of the Dutch gamers have developed towards Virtual Reality in the context of gaming since the introduction of the Oculus Rift in 2013. By using a trend analysis, current trends were spot. After that, we have continued our research with big data scraping, using the Instagram Hashtag Explorer and the TumblrTool. Netnographic research was also conducted and gave us more insights in how the people really react to Virtual Reality. The results show that most Instagram and Tumblr-users already have the association of Virtual Reality and gaming. Although there are different VR devices, they all seem to be equally popular as the Virtual Reality market is still a very niche market. This shows that there is room for improvement in marketing and communication strategies, in order for one brand to stand out and perhaps become the market leader. The responses of the Dutch gaming public vary, but have been improving over time. Initially in 2012 people have had troubles believing the presence of virtual reality, later in 2014 there were no VR devices for the consumer, but nowadays, 2016, people are mostly positive, interested and eager to try out any virtual reality gear, if they do not own a device yet. Our initial expectations were for the Netherlands to be falling behind on America’s developments in virtual reality considering the consumers, but this has not been the case and the consumers in the Netherlands are interested in virtual reality. Further implications of this study are discussed.